Letter To My Self

I know how it feels to wake up everyday feeling the same shit. That moment when you look at yourself in the mirror.. feeling not beautiful at all. Feeling not smart. Feeling not good enough. Feeling such a failure. Feeling useless and not worthy. Feeling empty.

It sucks when no one seems to really care about how you feel, so you just keep it all to yourself. I know your tired dealing with bullshits in life, and at some point you want to quit already.

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I MET MICHELLE DY!!!! + Mamshie Ronan

When it comes to beauty, she’s one of the beauty gurus that I look up to – Hi Mamshie Misyel!! (If you’re reading this hehe ) If you’re a beauty junkie like me, better watch her videos from youtube you guys will learn a lot from her. Well I’ve been watching her videos since 2015, that’s when I started to got addicted to her and to makeup as well. I love watching all of her makeup tutorials!! And fun fact, I did actually learned how to put on makeup by just watching her videos. It also became my everyday happy pill.

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